Drivers Education

Street Smarts Driving School offers classes at Marriotts Ridge and donates a portion of the registration fee to Boosters. 

Driving School

Street Smarts of Maryland will be back to providing Drivers Education classes IN PERSON at Marriotts Ridge. Classes run for 2 week sessions from 2:45-6:00 PM.

This is an MVA approved program consisting of a combination of classroom instruction and in-car training.

Basic Instruction $395 (30 hours classroom/6 hours behind the wheel). Boosters gets a donation for every student registered for classes at MRHS.

Upcoming Session Dates

September 7th –  20th

 December 5th – 19th

February 27th – March 10th

October 3rd– 17th

January 4rd – 24th

April 12th – April 26th

October 26th – November 10th

February 1th – 14th

May 15th – 30th